Indian wedding in Portugal, Cascais

Traditional Hindu wedding in Portugal

April 8th 2018 I shooted my first indian wedding with their bewitching traditionals, outfits and pretty people. Cascais, Lisboa, Portugal

Story of your couple: how did you meet? 
We met through a friend in 2016


How the groom made the offer? How did choose the ring and did the bride guess? 
We were on holiday in Portugal and dipak planned a visit to sintra. We were at monserate palace and he hired a photographer - Anastacia - and pretended she was a tour guide. Really she was a photographer and was taking pictures. We went Into the palace and as we came out a violin player started playing John legend - all of me. This was when I realised there was something else going on. I turned around and dipak was on one knee and asked me to marry him with a ring in his hand.


The concept and details of your wedding

We had a traditional Hindu wedding in Portugal. The bride and groom both wore traditional Indian outfits that we had customised and designed ourselves. Our outfits matched and complemented each other. Our invitations has the beach and palm trees in the background to reflect the wedding setting. 3days before the wedding the bride had a traditional mendhi party. This is where henna is painted on her hands and feet and also for guests too. Our cake was pink and 4 tiered. In the evening we had a reception party and fireworks outside. We had candles and flowers as our evening theme. We made all guests a personalised chocolate with our names on.

The highlights of the wedding day

Dipak entered on a white horse and this was amazing. He really enjoyed his entrance. Roshni also entered from outside and had an uplifting and energetic entrance with her family. The whole day was perfect. We were meant to have the wedding outside but the unpredictable weather stopped this. However our day was magical from start to finish. The highlights were the fireworks when we were cutting our cake outside and the cocktail reception.

Tips and lifehacks to other couples in preparation. Your real personal experience will greatly help other couples! 

Compromise and communicate with each other. Make sure the wedding is a special day for both of you. Enjoy it and take in every moment.